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Born many howlings ago at a planet mainly known as Earth.

When he was born, he was screaming a lot, so much in fact that his mother started to teach him how to form his hollering into some slightly more melodic noise. It worked quite well and as he turned 8 he was singing in a choir, yes together with other noise-makers.

Then when he turned 12 he got a new neighbor that had this idea of making enough noise to create ripples on the Richter-scale. Unfortunately he heard Charles bellowing, and thought it might be a good idea to teach the young lad the art of noise. The neighbor, (a rather famous baritone, whom also was a great maker of noise) could see in Charles a noisemaker, in need of his guidance. This partnership boded well for the future, until one day Charles found some records (the black ones called vinyl). To the baritones great dissatisfaction Charles found it immensely satisfying having people dancing and singing along with the tunes that he played.

As Charles turned 14 he was invited to play for other youth, which he felt could be the right move forward in the world of music, together with his own singing and song-writing. At this time he got extremely lucky, and landed a summer break job in the archives of the largest Radio-station on the planet, picking up recordings for the radio-shows and programs, (heaven to a young lad from a rough neighborhood) this was the best thing that could happen to him.

His ambition to learn more about music and get first hand knowledge of what was in the making, was a great boost for his future possibilities. This was proven, when one night he did some work for charity (slightly mentally and otherwise challenged youth). At this party there was a man from New Mexico, whom happens to be a rather well known Artist/Deejay at this time, named Marvin. Marvin noticed in this young Charles a potential he had rarely seen before, and decided to take the young lad under his supervision and teach him all he knew. Now many years in the future Charles has managed to visit over 50 Nations and worked in over 30 of them as an Artist/Performer/Actor/Producer-Dee-Jay, and Disc-Jockey.

He has during this time visited several Radio and also a number of TV stations for shows and a lot of noise making. Charles used to be the lead-singer/band leader of a UK band by the name of The Revolution, he wrote most of the lyrics, and is still writing some lyrics for a number of other Artists.

Charles desired many years ago to work on his own ideas for music, not just what he did with his own band, and a lot of other people, his own ideas and feelings undisturbed.

It is like he once told me. Art is many things to a lot of people, but to one self it is like an empty canvas, if you do not pick up the brush to add the colours and dept yourself, you will never know where you stand in your own light.


Then if some one else enjoy the creation, the creation has been fulfilled and the creator knowing that the meaning behind the creation has been appreciated and maybe even understood.

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